Art from years past – by Lucy Ingemann

IMG_4850IMG_4852IMG_4864IMG_4818IMG_4867brookeCintia1gemmaIMG_0115_edited-1IMG_0118_edited-1IMG_0127_edited-1IMG_0212IMG_0216IMG_0429 1IMG_0430IMG_0431IMG_0432IMG_0435IMG_0448IMG_0449IMG_0451IMG_0452IMG_0453IMG_0454IMG_0455IMG_0456IMG_0462IMG_0463IMG_0464IMG_0465IMG_0466IMG_0467IMG_0468IMG_0470IMG_0475IMG_1312IMGP2108IMGP2978IMGP4321_edited-1IMGP4324_edited-1IMGP4326 1_edited-1kate1lucy sittingme and handme fifi lollyme lollyme1me2me3sare1sittingtomgood dark bluethumb_IMG_0192_1024thumb_IMG_0197_1024thumb_IMG_0199_1024thumb_IMG_0201_1024thumb_IMG_0203_1024thumb_IMG_0205_1024thumb_IMG_0208_1024Beth & RubbleRochelle and moterbikeBeth and ZoeBeth with candleRochelle and zoe street dayZoe & LightsRochelle white in gardenRochelle1Zoe Rochelle Beth Blurry street

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